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Tyler Glasgow

Interview with Tyler Glasgow

What made you decide to become a recruiter?

I became a recruiter by way of dumb luck - I was 24 and had no idea what this business was all about; I answered an ad and here I am.

I continue to be a recruiter because it provides me everything I feel is important when it comes to a career. I have tremendous freedom and autonomy with support when I need it. I enjoy the business and the people I work with. I have an opportunity to earn a good living. And I don't have to worry about losing my job as long as I perform. I'm not sure if I could find another opportunity that would create an environment where all of those attributes were recreated.

Tell us about your desk specialty.

Our prototypical customers are Defense Contractors - they provide anything from tanks to technology.

The functional expertise of our group covers the entire contract aquisition spectrum, from Business Development & Capture Managers, to Pricing & Proposal, Contract/Subcontract Managers to Program Mangers. We place people primarily in those functions and at all levels within them.

What do you pride yourself on, job related?

I think my ability to empathize and relate to most situations when dealing with clients & candidates is something I pride myself on most. I've been fortunate to perform a number of different roles within our company, thereby being exposed to a number of different situations from different perspectives. That, along with the sheer number of placements I've been a part of as a producer, trainer and manager - there aren't too many scenarios come up that I haven't seen at some point in the past.

Personal Insights on Tyler Glasgow


Wife and 2 kids

If I wasn’t a recruiter, I would be…? (and why)

Basketball coach - probably at the highschool level. I love the game and love teaching & developing players - especially at the stage of their development where they really start to understand the game and can implement what you teach.